Thermoforming Dies & Accessories

BEST manufactures both Hand Forged and Pre-hardened Steel Cutting Dies cut from a solid block. Various steel thicknesses are available, including standard 1/4”and 3/8” upon request. Any height required can be provided. In addition to Cutting Dies, BEST offers Mounting Plates, Base Plates, Cut Plates & Baffle Plates for all GN and similar Thermoforming Machinery.

BEST provides complete sharpening/ retool services for Cutting Dies, including: major and minor welding repairs; new Shim Plates (0.010” to 0.750″) , Mold Shim Plates, and complete grinding services for Cutting Dies, Mounting and Base Plates, Shim Plates and Mold Plates. Our unique process allows for longer Die life and an easier sharpening process, eliminating the need for multiple shims and extensive grinding. Simply grind the cutting edge to the minimum required, and grind the Mold Plates accordingly.

All new Cutting Dies are finished using CNC machinery, including drilling the Mounting Hole pattern on the back of the Dies. This makes each Cutting Die identical and interchangeable on the Mounting Plate.

BEST uses steel that is much harder and tougher than other suppliers; lasting on average twice as long before sharpening is required. Chip outs found in the crotch area are also reduced.

All Forged Cutting Die are tempered in our in-house Salt Bath to a depth of 20-25mm (approximately 1/3 of total height). The competition tempers their Forged Cutting Dies to a depth of typically 8-10mm. This added depth allows BEST Dies to be sharpened approximately twice as many times as Dies made by other suppliers. More detailed information on the benefits of the Hand Forged process and our in-house Salt Bath can be found in the Capabilities section of our webpage.

Every Cutting Die made by BEST is Chrome Plated to 3/8” from the finished cutting edge as part of our all in-house standard process. The Chrome plating process provides many benefits as compared to painting, including: increased hardness, rust proofing and improved lubricity to help with the Ejectors. Every Die is also wax dipped for cutting edge protection.