Flexible Dies

There are many die suppliers to choose from in the Envelope Converting Industry. BEST is unique because we can offer tremendous added value to our Preferred Customers at little or no additional cost. This differentiates BEST from the other suppliers. The bottom-line in any industry is finding ways to run faster, cheaper and with more efficiency. As your Preferred Supplier for flexible dies, BEST will work as a partner to improve in each of these areas without sacrificing quality.

BEST has the manufacturing capacity to handle all of your flexible die needs, with five etching lines and five CNC sharpening machines dedicated to flexible dies for all models of W&D and F.L. Smithe envelope machines, both Web and Blank Fed. BEST custom designs and manufactures both flexible dies and magnetic cylinders to guarantee compatibility and high performance in your machines. BEST Flexible Dies are easy to store, less expensive to ship and ready for same or next day turnaround.

Are you struggling with cutting through full coverage ink, matte paper (high clay content) or other abrasive materials such as Hybrid Vellum? For a minimal extra charge, BEST offers a Special Chrome based Coating applied In-House to our BEST flexible dies that is proven to extend die life 3-5 times as compared to standard stainless or carbon steel materials. Teflon Coating is often offered as a solution, but only adds a minimal increase in lubricity that wears off quickly. Don’t take our word for it, see the below email comment received recently from a customer that ran dies with the added Coating.

“I just wanted to let you know that we have a set of chrome profiles that has ran over 15 million envelopes and they are still good to use again. This is what being the “BEST” really is all about. Just wanted to let you know everyone here is greatly impressed with the chrome knives and the “GREAT JOB” you guys do.”

Additional benefits of our BEST Coating include: added hardness for longer runs, additional lubricity that reduces paper dust and rust protection.

BEST provides a paper and carbon test cut with each flexible die delivered. Other Suppliers might provide carbon or paper samples, but these are typically cut on an adjustable test station. At BEST, the carbon and paper samples are cut on a testing station made exclusively for the die height required, and is locked into the finished die height matching the “zero position” setting for your cutting station. Coupled with consistent routines, this will assure the quickest and most accurate setup possible with less die loss from smashing dies because of inconsistent die heights.

Our mutual goal is to improve capacity and productivity by simplifying and shortening the die setup process while also maximizing the life of the flexible dies. This can be accomplished by implementing a comprehensive training and maintenance program, using properly designed die plates that allow for easier setup and producing quality flexible dies at a consistent die height. Followed properly, this comprehensive program can ultimately lead to tremendous cost savings. As your Preferred Flexible Die Supplier, BEST offers the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive program to improve all aspects of flexible die cutting.

The same experienced Technicians that install our BEST Magnetic Cylinders on-site, are also available for Field training throughout the year. Field training emphasizes proper die setup and maintenance techniques along with troubleshooting any existing cutting problems. This also includes setting the “zero position” on each cutting station, even those not manufactured by BEST. This will greatly reduce die loss from smashing the cutting edge during die setup, which is often a product of uneven and/ or inconsistent die heights. Another important consideration is that dies manufactured by BEST work equally well on BEST cylinders and those manufactured by others vendors that use the same lock-bar system. This will help with inventory control and cost.

Used in conjunction with the high tolerance flexible dies that BEST provides, continued reinforcement of the training program and proper maintenance procedures can be quite valuable in maintaining productivity and efficiency on your factory floor. Significant cost saving will be realized from less die loss, quicker setup times and other improvements gained. Let us know when you would like to schedule a visit.