Machine & Size Change Parts

Best Cutting Die is a leading supplier of aftermarket parts for many of the envelope converting machines currently in production. This includes various size change and machine parts. BEST size change and replacement machine parts provide significantly reduced prices as compared to the OEM, while also reducing inventory costs and minimizing machine downtime with more timely delivery dates.

Envelope Converting Size Change Parts
Along with the consumable Profile and Separation knives, Window dies and Gummers, BEST offers size change parts for most W+D and SMITHE machines, including:

  • Printing cylinders/gears
  • Window gummer shaft & gears
  • Side seam gummer shaft & gears
  • Score blade shaft & gears
  • Change gears
  • Spacer Bars with Bushings
  • Solid Separation Knife with Gear
  • Set Solid Profile Knifes
  • Profile Coupling

BEST offers all in-house capabilities including vacuum heat treating, computer controlled machining centers and state-of-the-art testing/inspection equipment. This allows for total control in quality, service and turnaround times.

Envelope Converting Machine Parts
BEST offers a growing list of machine parts for most W+D and SMITHE machines, with the ability to make most any part required. If we don’t currently manufacture a needed part, our timely reverse engineering process will typically result in significantly reduced prices and shortened delivery times as compared to the OEM and other suppliers. Unlike many other suppliers, BEST offers all in-house process control; from design to manufacturing, and including heat treating and quality control. Finished machine parts are subject to extensive quality control review where material composition, hardness, fit and function are validated.

We are always developing new parts at BEST. We continuously work with our customers to identify high-usage components that can be reverse engineered for improved quality and savings. Please contact us discuss your requirements. If we don’t currently offer the part required, we’ll promptly evaluate and determine the level of cost and time savings BEST can offer as compared to the OEM.
Please Note: All parts offered by BEST Cutting Die are manufactured by or for BEST Cutting Die and not by or for the original equipment manufacturer. Part numbers shown that are those of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), if any, are used for reference purposes only. BEST Cutting Die is an independent supplier of quality replacement parts and has no affiliation with any OEM.