Magnetic Cylinders, Shells and Flat Bases

Magnetic Cylinders
BEST Magnetic Cylinders for use with Flexible Dies are available for most all Label Presses. BEST has installed over 1,000 Magnetic Cylinders throughout the world. Custom designs for a variety of special applications are also available. BEST custom designs and manufactures both flexible dies and magnetic cylinders to guarantee compatibility and high performance in your machines.

Magnetic Shells
The BEST Magnetic Shell System mounts on your existing Shafts and allows the use of Best Flexible Die Plates. Flex dies are half the cost of molded dies and mount instantly so make-ready is cut in half as well. Flex dies provide a better way to “kiss cut”, allow for more intricate shapes than molded dies and can be manufactured in less than 1 business day! In fact, the entire magnetic shell system can be less costly than one set of molded dies and can pay for itself with the first job!

Magnetic Bases
The BEST Magnetic Base System is designed for cutting in flat die cutting systems with no distortion. Perfect for cutting intricate and standard shapes as compared to Steel Rule Dies, our Magnetic Bases offer the increased die height accuracy required (0.0002”/ 5 microns).