High Dies (Blank Cutters)

BEST manufactures and reconditions Cutting Dies for labels, gaskets, credit cards, placemats, coloring books, notepads, along with virtually all other applications and materials. The Cutting Dies for these products are manufactured for use in various machines, including: Pmc, Blumer, Busch, Consolidated, Peak, Vijuk and Lombardi.

Our engineers are available to assist with all phases of die design, including sheet layouts. Our experienced technicians are available to troubleshoot any die cutting problems or concerns. BEST also offers a comprehensive 1-1/2 day free training program at our facility to teach proper sharpening/touchup techniques.

Blacksmith Forged Label Dies were among the first products manufactured by BEST when the company was founded in 1966. BEST combines these old world forging techniques with modern manufacturing methods and machinery to create the ultimate in high quality cutting dies. All in-house process control means quick turnaround times are the norm and not the exception. This includes the use of an onsite Salt Pot for heat treating Hand Forged Dies and a Vacuum Furnace for heat treating small or intricate shapes requiring CNC or EDM Wire Cutting. More detailed information on the benefits of the Hand Forged process, and the Salt Pot and Vacuum Furnace used for heat treating can be found in the Capabilities section of our webpage.

Unique in-house capabilities provide BEST products with superior level of craftsmanship and greater control over quality, as compared to manufactures using outside services. Our dedication to “the customer” allows us to respond to unique, one-of-a-kind problems. Your die manufacturing and service needs will be met, to your specifications, delivered on time and at prices that allow our customers a competitive edge.