AMC Dies

For the finest in AMC craftsmanship, send your dies to BEST. Be it new, sharpened, or a rebuild, we’ve offered AMC service for over 30 years – and we initially started this department by working with the original machine manufacturer. We follow all FL Smithe standards when manufacturing or servicing your die, not cutting any corners. It makes a difference.

Are you looking to change your AMC design? Our Product Manager and CAD designer will work together and determine the BEST possible layout for your new die. We strive to give you a nice LOOKING envelope, while minimizing paper usage. Again, our experience here makes a difference.

While servicing your die, you may also want to consider sending in a person for our one day training program. Please see the attached outline. If your AMC person is relatively new, or even if he has experience and wants to learn more, our training program has definite value. Assuming you’re sending a die in, the training itself is free. Your only cost is to get the trainee to and from BEST.