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When it comes to providing the best cutting dies and the best cutting modules
for the converting industry, we deliver!


At Best Cutting Die, we pride ourselves on offering reliable, innovative solutions to businesses working in numerous sectors. As a high-quality die company, we have the tools and industry expertise to deliver products and services that meet your unique needs. We supply dies that will cut through a variety of materials, such as paper, cardboard, plastics, metals and more.

Our extensive selection of dies, embossers, crimpers, cutting units, magnetic cylinders and assorted accessories allows professionals in diverse industries to find precise die-cutting equipment for a range of applications.

Explore some of the industries we work with below.


Our Dies & Modules


Our Dies & Modules

Envelope Converting

Our Dies & Modules


Our Dies & Modules

Labels & Direct Mail

Our Dies & Modules

Our Process

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What Sets Us Apart From the Rest

With over 50 years of industry experience, we’re proud to be one of the top die-cutting companies in the industry. Our team is committed to providing businesses in various sectors with hardworking equipment, unmatched customer support and fully customizable solutions.

We’re here to help you work smarter and faster. Our skilled engineering team works in-house to ensure the quality of our parts exceeds your expectations and the delivery timeline matches your schedule.

Beyond being metal cutting die manufacturers, we also provide:

When you work with Best Cutting Die, you’re partnering with a team of experts ready to provide top-notch support, insightful design assistance and high-quality tools.

50 Years of Traditional Craftsmanship & Outstanding Workmanship, Tailoring to Perfection!

Worldwide Delivery

Are you nervous about your cutting die project?
Is your current vendor late on deliveries?
Is your boss pushing for faster, more dependable rework services?
Are you searching for a prompt quote?
Is your project in need of the support of an experienced team to turn your ideas into reality?

What sets us apart from the rest?
“We listen to your needs!” – Rob Porento, Vice-President 

A culture of continuous improvement in our products, processes, and services through the strong work ethic and innovative spirit of our employees is our driving force. Striving for excellence by doing “whatever it takes”, is the hallmark of BEST Cutting Die.

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“We Deliver the Desired End Result for Our Customers” John Scinteie – CEO/General Manager

The Best Partner For All Your Cutting Die Needs. Don’t waste another day stressing over your rotary converting industry needs!
Leave them in our care and get ready to focus on the other pressings aspects of your business.

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Narrow Web Magnetic Cylinder

100% rare earth magnets placed 360° around the cylinder. Thousands of Magnetic Cylinders installed throughout the world.

Best Magnetic Cylinders are used with flexible dies and are available for most all Label Presses. Some of the pressed we provide these cylinders for are: Mark Andy, Arsoma, Webtron, Aquaflex, Comco Captain, Sohn, Delta, Gallus, Nilpeter and Rotoflex.

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Full-Service Rotary Die Solutions for Nonwoven & Medical Industries Worldwide

We offer a complete line of embossing, crimping and ultrasonic bonding rolls for the soft disposals and medical industry. We understand no two products are the same, which is why we offer complex patterns and reliefs in fully hardened tool steels in a wide range of sizes and configurations.

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Embossing Roll Assembly, Non Woven Industry

Envelope Converting Dies

Keep your machines running efficiently and your downtime to a minimum with hardworking tools from a dependable paper-cutting die manufacturer. We stock a large inventory of tools, parts and accessories for envelope converting applications. What’s more, our custom design and engineering services allow us to create solutions specific to your needs.

Labels & Direct Mail Dies

Our dies, blade sheeters and custom design services are ideal for manufacturing labels and direct mail. We’ll work with you to find the perfect solution for your application. At Best Cutting Die, you’re in charge of your cutting dies’ exact size and shape. You imagine it, and we’ll manufacture it!

Packaging Dies

If you work in the packaging industry, you need reliable tools for precision and efficiency. We supply companies in the packaging sector with thermoforming cutting dies, male and female dies and rotary tooling. Our tools can help speed up production while maintaining die-cut tolerances to ensure you consistently manufacture high-quality, functional packaging materials.

Nonwoven Dies

We manufacture precision cutting dies for numerous nonwoven industry applications. Whether your company manufactures nonwoven fabric for medical supplies, construction materials, personal care products, cleaning supplies or geotextile bags, we have solutions to meet your unique requirements.

In today’s competitive marketplace, you need to keep your processes streamlined. As a leading industrial die-cutting manufacturer, we’re on hand with the tools you need to keep your operations efficient and your products cost-effective.

Medical Dies

If you need to partner with a die-cutting business for manufacturing medical supplies, Best Cutting Die is here to help. We’re committed to providing professionals in the medical manufacturing industry with dependable, high-quality solutions specifically designed for hard-to-cut materials. Our range of solid and segmented rotary dies are perfect for high-volume production, while our reconditioning services ensure you receive the quality equipment you need.

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We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service before, during and after all of our sales. We care about our customers, and our team is dedicated to helping your business succeed. With over 50 years of experience as professional manufacturers of dies, we have the industry expertise to ensure you get the right tools for your application every time. 

Choose a die casting company that can transform your manufacturing process into a streamlined and cost-effective operation. Work smarter and faster while creating high-quality products to get an edge over your competition

Ready to see how our products and services can help your business? Contact us online today or call us at 847-675-5522 to talk with a specialist.