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Dies & Units for Envelope Converting

We know how challenging it is for your company to keep your machines running and limit downtime. Constantly searching for reliable tooling and machine parts that incorporate quality features, after-sales quality service and quick turnaround times can feel daunting.

We understand the challenges you are facing and continually craft our services and products to solve your problems and help you overcome them. Our goal is to provide you with the tools offering the maximum cutting quality at the most cost-efficient price! 

At Best Cutting Die, we have a wide range of reliable tools and parts, including:




Our flexible envelope converting dies work with all models of W&D and F.L. Smithe envelope machines. We also offer special chrome plating to extend the die’s life span and improve its cutting power.

We make and recondition high dies for a range of standard and nonstandard envelope shapes.

We custom design our magnetic cylinders, so they’re compatible with our flexible dies to streamline your envelope converting equipment.




We have rotary window gummers available for next-day delivery and a selection of in-house panel dies ready for same-day delivery. We test the quality of our segment dies and gummers using settings that mimic production conditions.

Our range of side knives and accessories ensures you’re completely prepared for every aspect of envelope converting.

Our innovative embossing units can elevate your products and give them an element of distinction. We design our embossers for fast setups to speed up your manufacturing process and maximize employee time.



We have a range of cost-effective size change parts, machine parts and accessories to minimize downtime and get production up and running again.

Our team can resharpen, repair and retool your Best Cutting Die purchase as needed. We also offer free 1-day and 1 1/2-day training sessions at our facility to teach clients how to sharpen cutting dies properly.

Choose from our selection of in-stock tools, parts and accessories to speed up the production of stock envelopes — or opt for our custom design services. Our team of engineers will work with you to design and manufacture envelope machine parts to your specifications, including ones for nonstandard envelope window drawings.

Don’t waste another day stressing upon your converting problems!
Leave them in our care and get ready to focus on the other pressing aspects of your business.

Get Quality Equipment From Best Cutting Die

At Best Cutting Die, we’re committed to providing our customers with innovative solutions to meet their envelope converting needs. Our team works hard to develop and manufacture the most advanced cutting and embossing technology on the market, so you can be confident you’re getting the best tools available.

We’ve been providing businesses with exceptional envelope die-cutting machines and parts for over 50 years, and our expert team is constantly raising the bar and improving our products and processes. 

Ready to experience the Best Cutting Die difference? Fill out our online form today or call us at 847-675-5522 to speak with a specialist.