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Best AMC Cutting Dies

For the finest in AMC craftsmanship, send your dies to Best Cutting Die. Whether you need a new envelope die, die sharpening, or a complete rebuild, BEST has you covered.

Best has an F.L. Smithe AMC envelope die cutting machine that is fully operational for testing. We fully test every envelope cutting die, new, reharpened and rebuilt, before it leaves our facility. This ensures that you receive a BEST quality die.

We’ve offered AMC envelope die cutting services for over 30 years, initially developing this department by working with the O.E.M (original machine manufacturer). Our envelope die cutting follow all FL Smithe standards.

Best Cutting Die – the safest hands to entrust your dies!

Layout Design Services

Our Product Manager and CAD designer will work together to determine the BEST possible layout for your new die. Our die cutting machines offer you nice-looking envelopes, while minimizing paper usage. Our experience makes a difference.

Train with the BEST

Whether your AMC operator is relatively new, or if they have experience but want to learn more, our AMC die training program has definite value.

While we service and machine your AMC envelope die, you may also want to consider sending in one of your employees for our one-day training program.

If you are already sending us an AMC envelope die to be serviced, the training itself is free! Your only cost is in transporting the trainee to and from BEST facilities.

BEST Cutting Die recommends that your trainees spend approximately one full day at our facility. This will allow enough time for hands-on training, as well as questions and review.

Learn more about what BEST’s training program has to offer by checking out our training outline below:

AMC DIE Training

  1. Basic Die Construction and How Construction Relates To:
    – Maintenance
    – Adjustment
    – Troubleshooting AMC Envelope Dies
  2. The Importance of Lubrication
    – Setting the Pressure and Timing
    – Types of Lubes
  3. How To Tell When You Need a Paper Adjustment or Peening
  4. Peening the Die
    – About Tools
    – About Peening (what actually happens when you peen the die)
  5. General Housekeeping Needs and Their Importance

Book your training visit
with your dedicated technical consultant HERE.

Test Cutting an AMC Die