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Quality American Die Technology at Best Cutting Die

At Best Cutting Die, we’re proud to be the leading die casting company in the U.S. since 1966. Our team of engineers is committed to manufacturing innovative products that help businesses drastically improve their operational efficiency. What’s more, our dedication to extensive research and development allows us to constantly improve our in-house processes. We work hard to engineer and reengineer dies, cylinders and more to continuously provide customers with the highest-quality state-of-the-art die cutting solutions.

Our Story

Ed Porento Sr, an invaluable part of the history and success, founded BEST Cutting Die in 1966. His legacy proudly lives on as his children, grandchildren and devoted BEST employees honor his memory by dedicating themselves to continuing the work he loved so much.

After many expansions, BEST has grown to 100,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, with over 130 full-time employees. The BEST Cutting Die Company and Windy City Cutting Die/Worldwide Rotary Systems 2020 merger brings together leaders in the worldwide converting industries, providing customers with world-class service. By expanding into an international die company, we can support industry professionals worldwide to help them improve their productivity and grow their profits. 

“We look forward to expanding our production capacity, technical capabilities and global reach, The merger with WINDY and WORLDWIDE is a tremendous opportunity for all of us. The increase in capacity and combined technical abilities will allow us to serve our customers in a way never seen before in the converting industries.”Gary Porento, President of BEST Cutting Die

Our Purpose

At BEST Cutting Die, we’re an American die company that strives to lead in the development and manufacture of the most advanced cutting, embossing, perforating, scoring and crimping technologies for our customers in the converting industries. We translate these advanced technologies into value for our customers through our professional solutions and services worldwide. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations in quality, service, delivery time and cost through continuous improvement, customer interaction and support.

Our Way

Striving for Excellence, since 1966

A culture of continuous improvement in our products, processes and services through the strong work ethic and innovative spirit of our employees is our driving force. BEST features all in-house die manufacturing capabilities, including CNC machining, vacuum heat treating, cryogenic freezing, and “state-of-the art” testing and inspection equipment. This “All In-House Process” provides complete control over the quality of our parts, services and delivery schedules, and allows BEST to meet and exceed customer demands. Striving for excellence by doing “whatever it takes”, is the hallmark of BEST Cutting Die.

Our Team

Adaptability and quick reactions to the changing market, competition and external environment is an integral component of our day-to-day business at BEST Cutting Die. Entrepreneurial leadership from owners and managers and a “can-do” attitude by skilled employees is the blueprint for success. The emphasis is always on growth opportunities and providing added value services for our customers. BEST employees are encouraged to experiment with new ideas to make this happen.

Partner With an American Die Manufacturer That Cares

Best Cutting Die is one of the leading manufacturers of die cutters in the United States, and we’re proud to supply professionals working within a range of industries with die cutting solutions they can count on. In addition to designing and manufacturing reliable dies, cylinders and accessories in the USA, we also care deeply about the success of our clients. When you work with Best Cutting Die, you’re partnering with a company dedicated to helping your business improve its efficiency, productivity and profitability. 

Interested in how our American-made die products and services can improve your manufacturing processes? Reach out to our knowledgeable team by completing our online form or calling us at 847-675-5522. 

Rob Porento, Vice-President

John Scinteie, General Manager

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Dedicated team members

Vito DiMasso, Sales Director

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