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Custom Designed and Built Dies for Die Cutting Solutions

Continuous improvement to existing products and the introduction of new and novel ones, is the source of never-ending challenges for our customers. A variety of unique products and converting applications are produced each year by BEST Cutting Die to help our customers meet these challenges. BCD uses new technology, constant innovation and 50 years of experience to help a select group of manufacturers maintain their leading positions in world markets.

Industries We Serve

While Best Cutting Die has an inventory of ready-to-go tools and machines, we also pride ourselves on creating innovative custom-engineered dies for professionals in a range of industries, including:

  • Envelope converting: Our dies allow you to cut your envelopes to custom size, design and thickness specifications. 
  • Labels and direct mail: If your business creates direct mail or custom labels, our tailored dies ensure you cut your products to the exact size and thickness specification required.
  • Nonwoven, medical and personal care: Whether you’re manufacturing medical supplies, feminine care products or construction components, you need dies that can cut tough materials and nonwoven fabric. 
  • Packaging: Manufacturing functional packaging supplies requires tools that provide precision and efficiency. We design and manufacture custom dies to improve your productivity and increase your profits.

Standard Features

– Rugged frames, top- and bottom-plated for extreme rigidity and resistance to vibration
– Hardened tool steel bearing housings to maintain precision tolerances over years of service
– Hardened, adjustable gib surfaces for ease of assembly and disassembly, yet zero tolerance operation
– All critical surfaces precision-ground and black oxide treated
– Heavy duty, yet precise adjustment systems to maintain accurate settings in difficult manufacturing conditions
– Wear-resistant, fully hardened tool steel dies and anvils

Customizable Features

– Hydraulic and pneumatic loading systems
– Servo drive and “Sunday drive” features
– All operator side adjustments
– Vacuum/compressed air scrap removal systems
– Solid and insert type dies in three different performance categories, including tungsten carbide
– Electronic load cells with remote display, limits and alarms
– Electronic temperature monitoring for bearings and anvil

Get Custom Built Dies Today

If you need custom-engineered dies for your application, Best Cutting Die is the business for you. We’re a team of experienced engineers and manufacturers dedicated to creating die cutting solutions for professionals in countless industries. As a custom die manufacturer, we work with our clients to understand their project requirements so we can design and make products that meet their needs and fit their budgets.

Best Cutting Die is on hand to create reliable and long-lasting dies to help your business succeed. Contact a member of our team online today or call us at  847-675-5522. 

Imagine it and we will manufacture it!

Rob Porento, Vice-President 

John Scinteie, General Manager 

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