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Side Knives and Accessories

BEST Cutting Die manufactures a wide variety of side knives for die cutting and accessories because we want to make sure that our customers are completely prepared for every aspect of envelope converting. Whether you are looking for standard tooling or a customized design, we provide the perfect solutions to you.

In addition to producing envelope machine tooling, we also offer resharpening services, same day when necessary. 

Dedicated to Providing Quality Envelope Machine Parts

As a company that prioritizes high-quality products, all of our envelope machine parts are manufactured to meet or exceed O.E.M. standards. Prior to shipping, BEST thoroughly tests all our products to assure flawless performance and to guarantee a satisfactory experience for our customers.

Our side knives and accessories are all designed with high- speed envelope machine compatibility in mind. We take into account the wide variety of envelope machines when designing our parts. Above all else, we seek to serve each individual client’s needs fully and efficiently.

We are aware that our customers may have special customized machines and are set up to quickly adapt our manufacturing process to apply any custom specifications.

Our rotary profile knives, separating knives for die cutting, bearing blocks, couplings, gears and print cylinders are compatible with the following envelope machines:
– W+D 102, 202, 527, 627, 38GS, 38R, 3900, 399, 249, 249-41 and more.
– F.L. Smithe SW

We similarly offer segmented window knives, solid window knives and window patch knives, which are compatible with:
– W+D 527, 627, 38GS, 38R, 3900,102, 202, 399, 249, 249-41, 126, 127, 131, 131J, 134, 141, 227, 327, 380, MARK IV
– BEASLEY FRENCH All Beasley French machines

BEST provides fly knives and male/female rotary tooling for envelope machines. We service all web machines including the following:
– F.L. Smithe RA, RO, MOW, BOE, REMA
– Beasley French – All Beasley French machines

Our After-Sale Services

In addition to producing envelope machine tooling, we also offer resharpening services, same day when necessary. At Best Cutting Die, we care about helping our customers work smarter, faster and more efficiently. We combine high-quality products with exceptional customer support to help companies streamline their manufacturing process, produce consistent results and increase productivity. Our continuous customer support includes after-sale resharpening, retooling and repairing services.

Our team of expert technicians will evaluate your machine to develop a solution that meets your needs. We’ll then repair your tool, resharpen the blades or replace a key component as quickly as possible to minimize downtime. 

Order Your Side Knives Today

Get the highest-quality side knives and accessories from Best Cutting Die today. Our team is on hand to offer recommendations and provide you with personalized assistance whenever you need it. Reach out to our team online or call us at 847-675-5522 for additional information.