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Segment (Panel) Dies & Gummers for Envelope Converting

BEST Envelope Die: A Cut Above the Rest

Are you ready to work with a company that responds to your needs quickly!
BEST Cutting Die Company manufactures, re-sharpens and reconditions rotary panel cutters using state-of-the-art computer-controlled equipment. 

When it comes to our rotary dies’ and gummers’ needs, BEST covers a variety of machines, including all F.L. Smithe and W+D lines. Our products are the best in the business, making us a most trusted supplier for all of your envelope die cutting needs. Our testing procedures duplicate actual production conditions to assure quality performance. 

Our single and double die mounts and holders are located accurately on precision ground holders. Resharpened rotary dies will be shimmed as needed to maintain original die height. 

At BEST we believe our customers deserve quick and attentive service, which is why many sizes of panel dies are readily available in-house for same day delivery. Our rotary window gummers are also available for next day delivery. Don’t be left waiting—contact BEST today for any envelope-related cutting die needs.

VH Hard Cutter & Accessories

VH Hard Cutter & Accessories

Our Selection of Panel Dies and Gummers

We stock an extensive inventory of panel die cutters, gummers and more. Our selection includes:

  • Segmented embossing dies: Our segmented dies are affordable alternatives to complete embossing dies that you can quickly remove and replace.
  • Gummers: We have a selection of mounted panel cutter gummers, window gummers, gummer shafts and more for various industrial applications. 
  • Pull perf panel dies: These hardworking dies can cut through metal to create pull perf panels of varying sizes and styles.
  • Mounted double segment dies: Double segments increase versatility for improved productivity.
  • Special perforated dies: Our team can design and manufacture special perforated dies to your specifications. 
  • V flap cutoff knives: These cutoff knives enable customers to complete every aspect of the envelope converting process.
  • Mounted panel dies and matching gummer sets: Our sets allow customers to get everything they need for cost-effective envelope converting.

In addition to this selection, we also custom-design and manufacture die cutting solutions to meet your unique requirements and fit your budget. 

Purchase Your Segmented Cutting Dies and Gummers Today

If you’re searching for reliable and high-quality segmented dies and gummers, Best Cutting Die has what you need. Submit our online contact form to learn more about our products and services, or call a member of our team at 847-675-5522 for personalized assistance.