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Magnetic Die Cylinders and Shells for Envelope Converting

Magnetic rotary dies use magnetic cylinders to keep flexible dies in place for faster, more accurate cuts. At Best Cutting Die, we work with our customers to specially design and manufacture magnetic die cylinders that meet their requirements and match their budgets. Our cost-effective magnetic cylinder die cutting solutions are ideal for envelope converting applications and more. 

Magnetic Cylinders & Shells

BEST has installed thousands of magnetic cylinders worldwide and is considered the expert provider in the envelope converting industry.
We custom design and manufacture both flexible dies and magnetic cylinders to guarantee compatibility and high performance in your machines. Our magnetic cylinders are available for the profile, window and separation sections of most models of W+D and F.L. Smithe envelope machines. This includes both Web and Blank Fed applications. 

Custom designs for a variety of special applications are also available when you choose to use our services. Imagine it and we’re happy to take a look!

BEST also manufactures and installs anti-jam systems, widia bar kits, bearing housing units, shafts and various other parts and accessories that are required or optional for each conversion.

Benefits of Magnetic Cylinder Shells

If you’re interested in using flexible dies on your projects, magnetic die sleeves and cylinders are a must. These tools integrate with your flexible dies to improve the speed of your operations and the accuracy of your cuts. Using magnetic die cylinders has countless benefits, including:

  • Reduced costs: Magnetic die cylinders save you money by allowing you to use flexible dies. Traditional dies involve solid metal drums that are much more expensive than the thin metal sheets of flexible dies, so you can drastically reduce your overall costs by switching. 
  • Faster operations: Magnetic die cutting plates streamline your process and speed up your operations by allowing you to set up and change dies quickly. Faster press speeds mean you can increase your efficiency, quality and profitability. 
  • More versatility: These cylinders allow you to use flexible dies to cut a wider range of materials, including thin foils and films.
  • Maximum precision: Magnetic cylinders with the proper tolerances create precise cuts for continuous accuracy.

BEST Magnetic Cylinders are proven “Best in Class”

Are you considering your first conversion from hard tooling or increasing the number of machines cutting with flexible dies?

Ask for a copy of our helpful Return on Investment (ROI) analysis that details the decision-making process and the cost analysis for a typical customer when considering the conversion from hard tooling to magnetic cylinders and flexible dies. This report is provided as a tool to help you evaluate the process; actual results may vary by customer.

We make converting from hard tooling to flexible dies as convenient as possible. In addition to providing our customers with ROI analysis, we also offer custom design mock-ups and individualized quotes within minutes.

Featured Magnetic Cylinder Combination Window/Side Knife

Our featured magnetic cylinder is a flexible die cutting system for booklet style envelopes. This state-of- the-art product can be used in conjunction with the following machines:
– W+D: 102, 202, 527, 627, 328, 126, 226, 249, 241, 38R and more
– F.L. Smithe: RA 0 and 1.5 degree, Combo 9, Combo 10, SW & BOE

Advantages & Features:

    • Made from fully hardened tool steel for increased wear resistance
    • Permanent Rare Earth magnets 
    • Eliminates “High Die” pre-cutting of blanks by cutting the 4-corner Profile in the Window Section
    • Reduces converting waste by a minimum of 3 to 5%
    • Can be used to cut out windows only or 4-corner cutting and windows at the same time
    • 360 degree vacuum
    • Minimum 24 individually controlled vacuum ports
    • Magnetic Cylinder has only one leading edge hold-down bar and one screw
    • 360 degree control of blank and chips
    • TIR max. .0002 inch (.005mm)

Why Choose Best Cutting Die?

As a leading magnetic die cylinder company, we employ over 50 years of experience to provide customers with reliable and innovative solutions to their die cutting needs. We have the tools, knowledge and expertise to deliver high-quality products and services that meet your unique project requirements. What’s more, we offer customized solutions for applications in numerous industries, so we can help your company find the right tool for any die cutting job. 

Our team will work closely with you to understand your needs and craft the best possible solution. When you choose Best Cutting Die, you get fast turnaround times, the highest-quality products and exceptional customer care before and after your purchase.

Contact the Leading Magnetic Die Manufacturer Today

Ready to partner with the leading magnetic die manufacturer in the industry? Reach out to Best Cutting Die today by filling out our online form or calling 847-675-5522. Our team is available to provide additional information, answer your questions and offer personalized recommendations.