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Expert Die Cutting Advice & Training

BEST Cutting Die is a leading American die company specializing in developing and manufacturing various technologies in the converting industry, from die-cutting and embossing to scoring and perforating. We strive to exceed customer expectations by helping clients improve their die-cutting processes through online and on-site training, superior products, fast delivery times and cost savings. Our commitment to quality, efficiency and performance has earned us a reputation as one of the most recognized manufacturers of cutting dies and tools in the United States.

BEST Cutting Die has knowledgeable representatives available to support our products and services. Explore the field-proven options BEST offers all of our customers.

Training Online & On-site

Our mutual goal is to improve the capacity and productivity of our customers’ production lines. We accomplish this through our comprehensive training and maintenance program. Followed properly, this program ultimately leads to tremendous cost savings. BEST offers the opportunity to participate in this program to improve all aspects of die-cutting.

The same experienced technicians who install our equipment on-site are also available for field training throughout the year. Field training is offered to all BEST customers, whether you require assistance for a BEST-manufactured die or your own. Our training emphasizes proper die setup and maintenance techniques and can be provided on-site or online.

Technical Diagnosis and Assistance

In addition to BEST’s comprehensive training services, we also provide troubleshooting for any existing die-cutting issues. Our team of experts is well-equipped to diagnose the technical and mechanical challenges our customers face during production. Not only do we provide the solutions you seek, but BEST also prioritizes excellent communication and quick service, ensuring that our customers’ needs are always fully met.

All of the team members at BEST Cutting Die work continuously to improve our services and put our customers first, from keeping up to date with the industry’s latest die-cutting technology to enhancing our internal operational processes. We believe in providing each customer with the individualized attention they deserve, regardless of the size or type of your converting operation.

BEST Cutting Die offers exceptional support whenever you order a product or utilize one of our services. We send immediate confirmations for each order you place, plus prompt tracking information after it ships. In addition, we offer support throughout the life of your product, including sharpening, die repairs and reengineering.

Expert Advice for an Intelligent Shop Floor

A culture of continuous improvement in our products, processes and services through the strong work ethic and innovative spirit of our employees is our driving force. We give our customers the BEST experience by providing access to our team’s expert advice.

BEST’s expert advice, paired with the continued reinforcement of the training program and proper maintenance procedures, can be quite valuable in maintaining productivity and efficiency on your factory floor. Significant cost savings will be realized from less die scrap, quicker setup times and other valuable improvements.

Our intelligent shop floor program is a solution-as-a-service (SaaS) that helps customers improve quality and efficiency in die-cutting operations in the following ways:

  • Performance monitoring: We can monitor your equipment’s health and performance in real time to ensure you produce high-quality products with maximum efficiency. We check your machinery’s output by verifying production accuracy, setup times and optimal running speeds to help you reduce scrap and improve production.
  • Predictive maintenance: We can help you establish a predictive maintenance schedule for your equipment that saves you time and money by reducing sudden breakdowns and decreasing unwanted downtime. Areas we address include cleaning, shimming, parts replacement, blade sharpening, alignment, calibration, proper cutting die handling, tooling storage and more.
  • Data-driven insights: We use data-driven insights that help you manage your die-cutting operation more intelligently by capturing the most critical raw data from your processes, setting our services well beyond the industry standard. We’ll consider factors like energy consumption, machine operating temperatures, setup times, blade grinding and production waste.

The BEST Partner for All Your Cutting Die Needs!

If you want to learn more about how our expert advice and training services can help improve your converting operation, the experts at BEST Cutting Die can guide you. Since 1966, we’ve been providing customers with state-of-the-art products and services that have significantly improved the quality and efficiency of their die-cutting operations. Call 847-675-5522 or contact us online today to get started.

Rob Porento, Vice President

Rob Porento, Vice President

Vito Di Maso, Sales Director