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Nonwoven, Medical & Personal Care

BEST provides complete rotary die services for the nonwoven and medical industries, and specialize in hard to cut materials.  When it comes to medical & personal care we know it is vital to do the job right. We provide first-rate cutting dies for nonwoven end products such as: sanitary napkins, diapers, adhesive bandages, dressings, pads and other wound care products.

Our solid and segmented style rotary dies are tested to ensure the most reliable service to our customers in the nonwoven industry.

Medical Product Dies

At Best Cutting Die, we provide medical manufacturing professionals with high-quality solutions for hard-to-cut materials so they can produce the best nonwoven medical supplies possible. Our die cutting tools are ideal for high-volume manufacturing, as they help maximize efficiency, minimize material waste and speed up production times. What’s more, we provide full reconditioning services so that you never have to feel like you are gambling with quality

If this kind of commitment to quality aligns with your business values, then be sure to take a further look at all that we have to offer, including our selection of reliable medical-grade mask cutting dies, parts and services.

Tungsten Carbide Dies

Cutting Units (Modules)

Professionals in countless industries have been relying on the durability of tungsten carbide since the 1930s, and we’ve engineered our selection of tungsten carbide dies to make the most of this robust material. Our hardworking sanitary die cutters can resist corrosion, withstand extreme conditions and endure high-speed production. These dies are cost-effective and long-lasting for professionals looking to save time and money.

We custom engineer our rotary cutting modules and units to match your budget and project requirements. Our team helps industry professionals manufacture products with maximum precision, speed and efficiency by providing them with equipment that cuts materials within a total indicator runout (TIR) of .0002 or better.

We’re proud to have over 50 years of industry experience creating the highest-quality medical and surgical mask cutting die units on the market. What’s more, we manufacture reliable diaper cutting die modules for baby diapers, adult incontinence pads and more.

Cutting Dies, Embossers, Crimpers and Ultrasonic Bonding Rolls

Resharpen, Repair, Retool Services

In today’s saturated market, it’s essential to make your products stand apart from the competition. Our selection of decorative cutting dies, embossers, crimpers and ultrasonic bonding units can give your items the edge they need.

We create our embossing equipment with the same world-class technology used to make our cutting dies, so you can manufacture products that reflect your unique vision. From embossers for disposable mask cutting dies to crimpers for feminine hygiene die cutters, we have an extensive selection of reliable machines to choose from.

In addition to providing our customers with reliable tools, we offer quality after-sales services to resharpen and repair equipment. Our expert technicians will inspect your tools to determine the best approach before maximizing the die’s life span by repairing or replacing essential parts. Our in-house operations make repairs cost-effective and convenient to minimize downtime and get your production line back up and running as quickly as possible.

Experience the Best Cutting Die Difference Today

If you’re searching for a nonwoven die cutting business that provides reliable products and exceptional customer assistance, Best Cutting Die is ready to help. We manufacture and supply hardworking face mask cutting dies, bandage cutting dies and more. Contact our team online or call 847-675-5522 to speak with a specialist today.